View Full Version : GSI Outdoors Cooking Sets?

Indigo Hawk
09-01-2015, 17:40
I'm thinking of getting either the Minimalist or Soloist cooking sets for my thru-hike. Has anyone used these on an alcohol stove? If not I have another option but I really like these ones. (Plus, if my sister pulls through she'll be coming with and we'd be getting the two-person set.

Maui Rhino
09-02-2015, 04:08
I have both the minimalist and dualist. I really like the minimalist and use it as my coffee cup on every trip. I also went to Four Dog Stove and got the Ti lid for it.... It really makes the minimalist a better setup.

09-02-2015, 19:53
I have a minimalist cup/pot it's a nicely made piece should work just fine. I'll give it a try tomorrow boil some coffee on my trangia

09-03-2015, 20:33
I own both but took neither on my thru-hike (took Evernew 0.9L titanium pot instead). The minimalist (0.6L) is a little small to do anything other than freezer bag cooking for me. The Soloist is a nice set-up, just a little heavier than my Evernew (7.5 oz vs 5.1 - pot & lid only). In some tests before my hike w/ my alcohol stove, I found that the Soloist took longer to boil vs the Evernew (thinner titanium metal is what I guess). The Evernew seemed to lose heat faster & you had to watch for food scorching if you 'cook' in the pot (vs boiling water, stirring up your food, & putting the pot in a pot cozy).

If your sister tags along, the GSI Micro-Dualist is a nice rig as well. The Dualist is bigger & heavier but I think two people could suffice with the lighter Micro-Dualist.

Good luck on your planning & your subsequent thru-hike.