View Full Version : waynesville va folks

09-01-2015, 20:43
I'm going to meet a hiking buddy in waynesboro va, and going to front royal and hike down. My question, if I'm coming in from 64 from Charlottesville va headed west into Waynesboro where would be a good place to meet that is easy to see from 64?

09-01-2015, 21:54
get off 64 at the top of afton mt. turn rt (east)on 250 . there's a parking lot on the rt in about 100 yards.

09-02-2015, 16:32
Yes, Exit 99. There is also a hiker-friendly Visitor Information Center (look for the sign) where you can leave your car. From there, you just cross the street and are on the AT.

09-02-2015, 17:13
was also talking about a place in Waynesboro that my partner could park the car..... somewhere easy to locate and see, like a firestation, police station, so the car wont be vandalize

09-08-2015, 15:00
parking info...