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09-11-2015, 18:39
Im planning im setting out SOBO probably late June, and for logistical purposes (Im from the smokies) and for fun, once I hit Springer im going to turn back around and jump on the BMT for a NOBO thru hike of it. Anyone else crazy enough to do this im looking for a partner or two, and could provide shuttle service to where ever you need after we are done as we will be ending at home for me and ill have my car back at that point.

09-12-2015, 21:17
I'm not too far from you (North GA) and was also thinking about a SOBO hike, instead of a NOBO. When you planning on heading out?

09-12-2015, 21:18
Nevermind, just saw "Late June"

09-12-2015, 22:56
I'm flexable in my departure time. If you want to pm me and talk more about it Let me know

09-13-2015, 00:26
I like the way you think.

I did a about 590 mile AT/BMT Loop almost two yrs ago which included a about 80 mile section in GSMNP before getting on the 500+ mile figure eight AT/BMT Loop at Davenport Gap. It was great to get the low down on the differences of that AT section and the BMT. Even though the AT through GSMNP is awesome the BMT through GSMNP is awesome in its own right while offering a less crowded but different experience.

I sincerely hope you follow through doing it. Adding other mileage or other LD hikes onto an already LD hike is something contemplated by some imaginative hiker crazies, myself included, but I suggest you consider your entire range of timeframes from the onset of your AT SOBO planning accordingly. I didn't which is the main reason why I failed in a AT yo yo only doing a AT NOBO thru and 1/4 of a AT SOBO.

09-13-2015, 00:28
Maybe I'll join you for the BMT thru. What's your plan? Timeframe for getting on the BMT?

09-14-2015, 15:06
I'm considering a SOBO hike in late June as well. I'll keep this in mind if my plans become more solidified!