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09-15-2015, 07:22
Hey adventurers, what is the best way to store a tarp shelter? In it's actual case/sack it came in (folded up) or just stuff it in a stuff sack? Thanks I appreciate any advice! Feel free to connect with me on Facebook: facebook.com/benonadventures we could talk on there as well, have a great day!!

09-15-2015, 08:07
You wi probably get varying answers but I stuff my tents in the stuff sack and never had an issue. That said, I pull it out after every trip (currently have two laying out in my garage now) to dry. Regardless if it rained or not.

09-15-2015, 12:00
I've always folded and rolled my shelters except on rare occasions when I don't for whatever unknown reason of laziness or impatience.
I haven't run into problems with gear I care about wearing out along repeated fold lines, probably partly because I don't fold them exactly the same each time.
Since I don't use stuff sacks for my tarps, which are my most commonly used shelter, folding and rolling them is the easiest way to control them, although I will stuff them wet and dirty into an outside pocket when they are wet and dirty.
I have worn out cheap poly tarps along repeated fold lines, but, who cares. After a season or so of use, I'm happy to replace them and relegate the old tarps to non-critical functions.

09-15-2015, 12:43
I hang'em out till bone dry then just store in snake skins.

09-15-2015, 15:54
Loosely stuff all simple flat and catenary cut silny, spinnaker, and CF tarps usually in a mesh stuff sack. Dry on trail and always dry before longer term storage.

09-15-2015, 19:02
Thanks to all of you for the great advice! I love hearing all of the different angles its a major help to me on deciding what to do. Gotta love hearing your experiences.