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09-15-2015, 21:31
I realize opinions are like xxxxxxx... But I'm curious about opinions on my cook set I have put together. I tried to find a good balance of being able to cook what I want, yet still be economical with the materials available to me. I will provide the cost breakdown, capability assessment and pictures. The thing I like the most are the fact that everything nests and it is extremely capable. I'm curious to hear from some gram weenies as to how this looks. I am NOT a gram weenie, but I think, for what I have, this works out pretty well.

That said, I have boiled and made coffee, both of which work extremely well. I really enjoy the coffee press coffee...

I am also curious about ways to improve things without breaking the bank. Carbon felt is too much. I would like to possibly add some to my simmer stove, but at $20+ to add that to what I have seems unreasonable to me.

Something to note: Removing the handle from the measuring cup caused a small hole. I patched it with JB weld, which should be inert at alcohol stove temperatures, but I want to note it.

Caveats: I have not cooked everything I intend to use this cookset for. I have not baked with it, but I designed it to do so and fully intend to use it for that purpose. Also, I have not used this in extreme conditions. The stoves do not require a pot stand and in serious backwoods locations, that could be an issue. I have also not used the windscreen in a real outdoor situation. Some modifications may need made to it.

What it can do:
Completely alcohol fuel based
Boil in under 2 cups of water 6 minutes
Has windscreen
Make coffee (not instant)
Drink coffee
Can simmer up to 20 minutes
Steam baking
Dry baking
Completely self contained
Everything the above entails....

Here's everything unpacked:

From top left: Stainless coffee press rod, stainless coffee press filter, Stanley cook set lid, foldable spoon, baking pan support, "perfect alcohol stove" juice can stove, simmer cat stove.
Bottom left: Stanley Adventure Camp stainless cook set pot, Stanley Adventure Camp cup, soda can wind screen, one cup bake pan (really Walmart measuring cup with handle removed)

Weight: 15.56 ounces

Cost break down:
Coffee press: $12 Primula 6 cup coffee press from Amazon; had to cut down rod.
1/4" silicone o-ring to hold press filter together: $0.75 from Amazon; had to buy 5.
Lid: Came with cook set (listed with pot and cup)
Spoon: $8 at local outfitter
Pan support: top of cheap soda can... $0.25
Perfect alcohol stove: requires 2 5.5 ounce juice cans; bought 6-pack: $2.50
Simmer cat stove (10 holes): Armour potted meat can (ugh... nasty smell) $0.47
Stanley Adventure Camp cook set: $15... This is a tremendous set for the cost.
Wind screen: 2 cheap soda cans - $0.50
Baking pan: measuring cup set cost $5.

Total cost: $45

Does not include fuel, fuel container or any ingredients

Items used, but not included in cost because I already had: drill, drill bit, scissors, hole punch, utility knife, JB Weld

Pictures showing how it nests:

I didn't upload a pic of it completely together, but it's just the Stanley Cookset at that point :)

Basically, the coffee cup fits in the bake pan (measuring cup); the "perfect" stove fits inside simmer cat which fits inside coffee cup; baking pan support fits over stoves; spoon and coffee press rod go in hold in pan support; press filter sits on top; lid on pot; handle folds to enclose all.

I built the "perfect alcohol stove" using two juice cans: 1.25" top, .75" bottom, 1.5" inner ring, 24 1/16" jets.

The simmer cat is built using an Armour potted meat can with 10 holes evenly spaced 3/8" down from top.

The simmering test was very successful (17+ minutes on one ounce of fuel), but I have yet to try actually baking.

IMO, I've got a really capable cook set at a great price and a reasonable weight.

I know this is opening a can of worms, but I'd like to get some feedback :)

09-15-2015, 21:45
Links to DIY items:
Wind screen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf1gcE-cYyg
"Perfect stove": combination of zen stove (http://zenstoves.net/BasicSideBurner.htm) and this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-35L_xdtQE
Simmer cat: every other hole on top of 20 hole super cat from zen stoves template. Basic instructions: http://zenstoves.net/BasicSideBurner.htm

09-25-2015, 07:58
I love my cooking kit and wouldn't trade it for anything, best of all it is cheap and has MANY Miles on it now! I us the Halulite Minimalist, comes with a pot, neoprene pot cozy, spork, lid and a silicon pot grabber. I tossed the spork because it sucked and went with a TI spork. For a stove I use a homemade cat food can alcohol stove and a tinfoil wind screen.

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Rex Clifton
09-25-2015, 13:51
I have allot of cooksets, too many, in fact. But if I'm just boiling water for freeze dried meals, coffee, etc. this is the one I go to more and more. It weighs in at around 11 ounces, including fuel, for a four day, three night trip.The stove is by Ultralight Outfitters, cost is around $16.00. I got the cannister from Trail Designs for around $5.00 and, of course, if you are a beer drinker the Fosters can is free. It's really a slick system.