View Full Version : Standard Limmer resoles, local cobbler vs. Intervale expert place

09-17-2015, 21:44
I have a couple pair of size 14 Limmer standards that need to be resoled. Should I get them done by a local expert or have Limmer do them? As I recall the treads are deeper at the NH location.

09-18-2015, 06:24
Limmer doesn't make the soles, they buy them so if the local cobbler can buy the same vibram sole and you trust them its an option.

One caveat is that when I had mine resoled by Limmer years ago, I got them back and they lost width. When I asked about it they said "oh yeah they always do that, you will get used to it" I didn't and after giving it a try for a couple of months and almost having to cut a couple of section hikes short I abandoned them. On the other hand I know many folks who have had several resoles with them.

Old Hillwalker
09-18-2015, 07:09
My 1980 Limmer customs have been resoled three times but since the leather that is sewn onto the welt has to be skived each time they do lose a little width each time and they do get tighter. The amount of leather at the welt on mine got too small to resole the last time I took them in so no more resoling. Limmer used staples instead of stitching just to keep them wearable. I now only use them when doing trail work. I bought another pair five years ago but would never use them on the AT or other ultralight hikes. They are mountaineering boots that are really too heavy for general use nowadays. My 1980 boots cost me $180 (Limmer called them oversize) My 2000 boots cost me $680. Today's high tech boots are wonderful, but they won't last thirty five years.

To answer the OP,s question. I would go back to the Limmer,s big green barn in Intervale, New Hampshire just to smell the place, see the pictures from all over the world depicting Limmers owners selfies from Everest to Aconcagua, and chat with a Limmer. The place is full of history.

09-18-2015, 08:33
I originally got them in NH as factory seconds, but one pair turned out needing resoling within a month. Both pairs have been resoled a couple times already each at least. The local cobbler said that quality of leather can vary based on how well or unwell the cattle was that the leather was taken from. He showed me other sole patterns that are available at around $75. The second pair has damage because I did not resole it in time and is an extra $50 to fix.

12-08-2016, 20:30
I found a place in Westport that resoled my size 14 regular Limmers for $65. I picked up shoe polish and mink oil at Walmart to finish the restoration. That pair is still missing some eyelits that the cobbler said he could do. The other pair of Limmers cost me $140 or so to fix, which were worth the work.