View Full Version : Found Ipod Mini Near Allentown Shelter in PA around Mid-June

09-21-2015, 15:22
Hi, I posted this in the Lost and Found section too, but figured I'd post it here too. A couple of months back (Mid-June) I found an Ipod Mini in Allentown Shelter in Pennsylvania. It was in a clear baggie and seemed to belong to a "Lara". Thinking that somebody had left it behind, I picked it up and hiked it forward intending to find them again at the next shelter or so (and also wrote in the logbooks that I had it), but after a week or so of looking, I didn't find anybody named Lara who had lost an ipod. If you know this particular individual, I'd love to get this Ipod Mini back to her, so please private message me so I may quiz them on the details on the ipod and get it back to them :)