View Full Version : Recovery from my C7 break as well as broken ankle and toe.......I need to get away!!!

Different Socks
09-21-2015, 16:30
Well despite my injuries to my neck, ankle and foot, I am not canceling my last visit to the East Glacier hostel and the park for the year. All I've done for the last 4 weeks is sleep, eat and work since being injured, not much outside time so it will feel good to relax at the park and the hostel for 2 1/2 days. I am looking forward to tomorrow when I will wade thru the water at Two Medicine Lake and sit on the dock writing for a few hours. Thursday will be a simple tour of the park, stopping along the route several times to just write and really absorb the park and it's autumn colors.
Keep me in your prayers that I don't have a flat or hit another animal, or anything else bad. I will try my best to get some sunset shots. And those of you up early in the morning before sunrise, looking east that very, very bright object is Venus

09-21-2015, 17:24
Yup, rest up Bub.

09-22-2015, 06:05
Im hoping that you have a speedy recovery.

09-22-2015, 08:29
Um, the dock at Two Medicine Lake has been taken out of the water for the season. The good news is that the crowds are greatly diminished, and after a couple of days of pretty ugly weather, the forecast for the immediate future is pretty doggone nice. Enjoy!

PS--And Serrano's was still open last night and still serving up a good meal and some cerveza on tap. Cheers!