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09-21-2015, 19:21
planning a section hike NY/NJ (and bit into CT) first couple weeks of October. anyone know how the water sources are this time of year?


09-21-2015, 19:27
Oh boy. Water up when you can. We are in a moderate drought here in CT and no rain at all in the forecast for at least the next two weeks. The area in which you're hiking is normally dry in the autumn months and this year it's going to be bone dry.


09-22-2015, 09:01
yup. been scarce through the area all season, only the largest water sources (and man-made ones) were reliable

Back on the trail
09-23-2015, 10:19
I just hiked thru there in May. The northern end of NJ had some water source in AWOL were dry then. Get water were you can. My parents live 30 minutes from the trail and they have not gotten rain much at all. Gren Anderson Shelter has great water and so does Mashipacong. You'll find water further south. Once you fill up at the empty house before Pochuck you'll see it get dryer. Do yourself a big favor if your starting at Delaware gap; just after the long wooden boardwalk and big suspension bridge you cross over the railroad tracks, as your walking along the wood planks thru the field to your left is HEAVEN Hill farms. A must stop - ICE CREAM - homemade doughnuts - water -soda ECT. They are hiker friendly and have two huge tents setup behind the place were you can just flop down for a while. Oh don't miss the water pump on Blue mnt. lakes road. the pump is easy to miss but you won't miss the big radio tower fenced off next to it. So write that nugget down somewhere.

Back on the trail
09-23-2015, 10:22
Tthe ice cream stop will be like day three