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09-22-2015, 14:55
Question(s): am planning on retiring next summer (at age 69, it's about time) and was looking to do Katadhin and the 100 mile wilderness. Was looking at Baxter's site for info today and found the Abol trail closed for the season, which gave rise to at least one question. Following this forum for a while, I know that knowledge is readily available from those much more experienced than myself.

Do the trials close this early or is this an unusual time for anything to close?

What would be a better time period, August or September? I would assume the crowds are much greater in August and would expect more NOBOS coming through also. However, I was wondering roughly how long the mountain stays open into the fall so I wouldn't run into bad weather shutting down the mountain. Plus, the fall is the rutting season for moose and was wondering if that gives rise to hiker problems. I would also assume insects are less of a problem in September.

Anyway, anything you folks can fill me in on would be appreciated.

09-22-2015, 14:58
Abol trail was closed because of dangerous slide conditions. They are re routing the trail to bypass that section.

It's closed to overnight camping on or around Oct15, or whenever the snow closes the road.

moose aren't usually a problem, but like all wild animals, they can be unpredictable.

You will find a lot of Nobos hiking anytime between August and September. September you will find less bugs, but also less daylight to hike in. You don't want to be coming off Katahdin in the dark.

09-22-2015, 15:19
We were at Baxter last week. Great weather, no bugs, and it didn't feel too crowded. Maybe about 15 NOBO's at the summit during the time we were there and maybe about an equal number of non-thru hikers. There seemed to be open campsites at Katahdin Stream Campground during the week.

September seems like a great time to hike in Maine.

09-22-2015, 15:51
No issues with moose until late September early October. Momma moose are still hanging with their yearlings but they are still pretty mellow. Mid September is hard to beat during the week. I would expect the new Abol trail will be open by next September. You do need a bit more gear for mid to late September, it was 32 F in Gorham NH Monday and normal lows are in the 40s at night.

Baxter has a reservation system in place is you are outside of Labor Day week, there should be no issues getting a spot at KSC. Do plan on day before the hike up Baxter and day after before leaving the park and realize that there is 1 in 3 chance that the summit may be in the clouds any day in typical year (this year was not typical with 3 weeks and counting of perfect weather most days.

Just realize that Baxter is not your typical dayhike, nothing like it in PA and in general rougher than the AT in the whites (but its close).

If you have time now that you are retired, spend a few extra days in Baxter, there is so much that thruhikers miss that you have the option of doing. If you look on a map Roaring Brook and Russell Pond are worthy destinations and if you have some more time a run up to South Branch Pond is worth the effort. The 100 MW is nice but the terrain in Baxter is much nicer. Baxter is an "island" of mountains surrounded by relatively flat territory so when you do get above tree line the views are extensive. With the exception of White Cap, much of the 100 MW is the dreaded green tunnel with a few lakes to add in interest.