View Full Version : Recent Thru Hikers: AWOL Loose Leaf Book vs PDF vs Guthook

09-22-2015, 17:52
This is a question specifically targeted towards thru-hikers from this year, or those who completed significant sections of the trail this year.

Did any of you use only the AWOL guide loaded onto your phones? How did it work out vs taking along sections of the loose-leaf guide?

Did any of you use Guthook's app?

I'm trying to get my guide options set for next year. I'm thinking of taking a 1/4 section of the AWOL guide in a gallon ziploc bag and using that in conjunction with Guthook. But, if the PDF on phone option worked well this year for people, that may be an easy way to shave 3-4 ounces.


09-22-2015, 17:56
I used both the 1/4 section of AWOL and Guthook. I found both to be useful in different ways, as far as distances and current location. The paper copy was nice to jot notes or quick journaling along with jotting down day #, day of the week, date, etc.

09-22-2015, 18:01
I used the loose-leaf with the plastic bag I got from AWOL. I really liked the fact that I was able to carry just what i wanted to and putting the rest in bounce box. There were plenty of people who used the guide in conjunction with gut hook. I did know of a few people that used AWOL on phone only and found them always asking if they could see my guide if it was raining or when there phone was in there pack.

Go with the Loose-leaf with guthook you will be just fine

09-22-2015, 20:00
Hiking sections this past year I used Guthook almost exclusively on the trail. I bought the AWOL PDF and printed the sections I needed.

Generally, I found Guthook had more trail details, but the AWOL has information on shuttles, hostels, town information, etc. that Guthook doesn't even touch.

At the risk of oversimplifying, Guthook is better when you want to go and AWOL is better when you want to stop.

09-22-2015, 20:54
At the risk of oversimplifying, Guthook is better when you want to go and AWOL is better when you want to stop.

This is the best simple explanation I've heard.

I use the bound AWOL guide with the Guthook app. I like the bound version because I write in it on my section hikes and I keep a guide for each year. I am thru hiking next year and am considering the loose leaf version.

09-22-2015, 21:07
In 2013 I used the AWOL bounded guild book pages I needed as the bound guidebook actually fell apart very easy, and I bounced the rest of the book, I used a app similar to, but no longer available to, Guthook's; as well as AWOL's and the AT Companion's guide on PDF.

09-23-2015, 10:36
Great, keep the advice and experiences coming! Sounds like having the 1/4 book on paper is the best way to go. I'll definitely be picking up Guthook as well.

09-23-2015, 15:15
I had the paper awol at the begging, but also had the pdf on my iphone. I ended up sending my paper version home because it was a lot harder to get out then my phone.
Having the paper version could be nice if you don't journal, because you can mark where you stay each night.

At the end everyone with awol was jealous of the people with guthook because it tells you how far you are from each interest point.