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09-28-2015, 20:32
Although I'm a woman, I generally fit men's shoes better as my heels are narrow and the front part of my feet are wide, and men's shoes just match that shape better. That seems to be true of Trail Runners, - all the womens shoes I've tried did not have room for my little toes. I don't want wider shoes as my heels will come out of them. However, I was not able to find anything in a men's 7 in the stores. I also have low arches so I'm further limited in what shoes are going to work. I found one pair of Under Armour trail runners that I really like, in a men's 7.5, which are a little big but a better fit than anything I could find in a woman's size. What I've been told so far is that for men's sizes smaller than 8, men usually have to buy boy's shoes, but that trail runners are not made in boys sizes.
So, I'm perplexed. I'm prepared to do the annoying process of buying shoes on-line and returning them if/when they don't fit right. But I haven't been able to find anything so far to try.
Does anyone know of a Trail Runner that is made in a men's 7?

09-28-2015, 21:59
Check out Altra. www.altrarunning.com (http://www.altrarunning.com) They have men's trail runners in 7. In general though, they make the front of the shoe more 'foot shaped,' which has the benefit of providing more room in the forefoot. These are one of the few brands I can wear in trail shoes due to the extra room in the footbox.

It may be worth checking out their women's selection too. From their website:

"Women's feet are anatomically different than men's feet. Women have a narrower heel and midfoot, higher instep, longer arch and unique metatarsal spacing. While this has always been a fact of life, traditional running shoe companies have opted to make male and female shoe models virtually identical for years.Altra is the first shoe company to introduce an entire line of truly female specific shoes. Every last of Altra women's running shoes has been molded around the unique shape of the female foot. A shoe last is a 360-degree model of a foot used to create the shoe's heel, instep, arch and toe box dimensions.
Female specific design combined with a cushioned Zero Drop™ platform and FootShape™ toe box allows a woman's foot to remain in a natural, relaxed position throughout her run."

Hope this helps!

09-29-2015, 01:15
thanks so much for this information. They sound great. as far as I can tell I think my feet are just not typical female feet, but I plan to contact them to see if they can help me evaluate the situation.