View Full Version : Weekend backpacking with girlfriend - help us pick a destination!

09-29-2015, 12:00

My girlfriend and I are planning a three day backpacking trip and are gathering information about potential routes and sites. Here's the criteria, help us make it an awesome weekend!

She lives in NYC, I live in Richmond, VA. We want to meet somewhere in the middle so we can spend more time together on trail.
We want somewhere with a mountaintop or big destination along the route.
Looking for wilderness trails that are not heavily populated
Stays above freezing at night in October/early November
Nothing crazy technical - girlfriend is petite and I will be carrying all the weight

Ideas in VA:

Old Ragg in Shenandoah with a day hike on one of the loop trails along Skyline Drive. Any suggestions for loop trails or other day hikes in the area?
Crabtree Falls and Spy Rock.

What other ideas in VA, WV, MD, PA, or NJ do you suggest?



09-29-2015, 12:13
I am not familiar with option in those states, so I won't try to speak to that portion.


Early November isn't reliably above freezing in those states.

That's good, in that it will not be heavily populated.

Even in Georgia it might be pretty cold at night, you'll need gear for colder weather, which will have some weight.

09-29-2015, 12:50
You might be able to hike the MD section of the AT in that timeframe... Could also run the Delaware Gap.

Spirit Walker
09-29-2015, 13:10
The Shenandoahs are great for loop hikes, but it will probably be colder than you think. Caledonia to Pine Grove is a nice two day section of trail with a few nice views and easily accessible to both of you (just off I-81). None of the AT is going to be wilderness. (Even the Hundred Mile Wilderness isn't wilderness any more.) There are usually a lot of scout groups and church groups on the trail at that time of year. Some of the PA trails (i.e. Chuck Keiper, Donut Hole, Quehanna) are much more of a wilderness experience, but they would be a long drive for you.

09-29-2015, 13:21
Planning to hike Old Rag next spring, so I've been researching. I understand that while offering outstanding views, Old Rag is exceptionally crowded, especially on weekends, and includes some difficult rock scrambling. Not sure it meets your criteria.

10-02-2015, 09:01
Thank you for all the suggestions and feedback about trails along the AT in October/November. I was pretty surprised that these trails don't stay above freezing regularly during late October / early November.

We have decided to head on October 10th to George Washington National Forest to hike to Crabtree Falls and Spy Rock. What is the best route for a 2 day or 3 day hike in GWNF? How crowded will the trails be on a weekend? How crowded will the destinations and campsites be?