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09-29-2015, 12:57
Looking at doing a section hike next week. Looking to put in about 20-30 miles. Starting at Dicks Creek ending up at either Mooney Gap or Betty Creek Trailhead. Has anyone hiked this before? How's parking at Mooney or Betty? Any advice would be appreciated.

09-29-2015, 13:17
There is a small parking area at Mooney Gap. I wouldn't leave a car there but might be OK for someone meet you there.

I hiked down the blue blaze from Betty Creek Gap to the road ... don't remember much of a parking area there.

Depending upon your transportation situation it might be better to extend your hike to paved roads at either Wallace Gap or Winding Stair Gap. Except for the last 1/4 mile up Albert, Betty Creek to Wallace/WSG is an easy hike.

09-29-2015, 16:12
Ditto above. Mooney Gap has spots for maybe 1 or 2 cars. I don't think there is any parking on the forest service road by Betty Creek Gap. I'd leave my car at the Standing Indian Campground kiosk. That way you can get off the trail via Kimsey Creek Trail or the trail by Glassmine Gap...it's name escapes me right now. :)

Sandy of PA
09-29-2015, 21:21
Long Branch Trail.

09-30-2015, 10:10
Anyone know about cell phone reception between Dick's Creek and Deep Gap, NC?

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09-30-2015, 10:14
Anyone know about cell phone reception between Dick's Creek and Deep Gap, NC?

I remember getting reception after doing the climb out of Dick's Creek, at the Whiteoak Stamp area (north of Muskrat Creek Shelter), and before dropping down into Deep Gap. There may be other places that get it but those are places that I did check for reception. I don't remember about actual reception at Deep Gap.

09-30-2015, 10:17
Thanks. If dry this weekend I'm going to do those 16 miles and will have to call my son to come get be at Deep Gap.

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