View Full Version : Public Service Announcement - Patagonia 50%% Off Sale Has Begun

09-29-2015, 18:00
It's that time of year, I think they may have bumped up the opening a day or so.

Great deals on Merino base layer, rain gear, etc.

Have fun. [emoji38]

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09-30-2015, 12:04
This could hurt my wallet.

Just Bill
09-30-2015, 14:05
Yer supposed to wait until I place my order, then tell folks... :rolleyes:

Just a heads up too- cuts on stuff changed a bit this season and tend to run a bit tighter in the baselayers in general.
The forearm in particular in the cap layers is pretty trim, and if you are layering them it seems they aren't cutting the heavier pieces bigger now. (IE a cap4 L is the same as a Cap 2 L) So you may want to size up one in the heavier layer if you plan to wear them together often. Both my wife and I found more hit or miss stuff than normal. Returns are easy and generally free, so you may want to buy each size if you aren't sure or can't try before you buy.

10-01-2015, 09:39
I waited until I got my new Supercell jacket for 134 instead of 269 hahaha then texted my buddy and posted here :)

Also grabbed pieces of Merino and capilene to get the sleep clothes and baselayer stuff I've shredded over the years finally replaced.

It's interesting what you are saying about size because I was reading the reviews which lead me to order cap 4 in XL but cap 2 in a more normal large. I've had the tight forearm problem with capilene before. I have an old red capilene snap T that feels like a compression sleeve garment.

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Just Bill
10-01-2015, 12:01
Yar... the forearm thing is weird, especially as world class forearm wielding climber Tommy Caldwell is the athlete they often feature using the cap stuff. They are cut perfect, until you want to pull the sleeve up at all to cool off.

The original 1,2,3,4 system was "cut to layer" better... but I think as they move towards the new stuff (and more town folks wear each piece alone really) they've started cutting each piece on it's own.

One thing I do buy small- a merino 1 tank for summer. stretching it a bit thins it out and makes it a bit cooler.
Opposite is true with the Cap 4 (grid fleeces) in my experience- better going a bit big.

Full price... meh. Half price Pattagucci- best stuff around.

Or as Ol' Man Willy likes to say,
"Patagonia is the best your money can buy. But at best my money can only buy it when it's half off."