View Full Version : more hammocks

Trail Yeti
01-22-2003, 17:58
Last night I was cruisin around on the HH website and saw the new adventure racer....weighs in at around 1lb 5oz.
Has anyone seen or been in this thing in real life? I am really interested in it. I mean, its 5 oz lighter than my a-sym.
For general info, I am 5'6 so I have tons of room in the a-sym....
anyway, check it out.
ps- there is also a glitch on the website saying that the expediton a-sym is 5oz lighter than the ultralite a-sym....I asked and HH said it is actually 5 oz HEAVIER.

SGT Rock
01-22-2003, 18:16
I owe Tom Hennessy a call anyway about the Expidition, I'll point out the error. The Expidition is HUGE compared to the ultralights.