View Full Version : MegaMeter Hiker award

10-14-2015, 09:02
PA's Mid State Trail Association (proudly metric since 1973; Lincoln Chafee, eat your heart out) has added a new award for the distance collectors/map geeks out there.

The rules for the MegaMeter Hiker award call for journaling hikes amounting to 1.000 Mm (which is, of course, 1000 km) on all of the main MST route; its immediate GET connectors (yes both west/"pop" and east/"soda" routes of the PA/MD bifurcation) adding to 771 km; and an extra 229 km which could be entirely additional GET distance, or continuing on to other parts of the interior northeast footpath network.


09-05-2017, 11:28
We still don't have #1 yet, although I know there are folks on WB who presumably qualify...