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12-03-2005, 22:36
Hey Trooper,
I was looking at your journal and it looks like you were thinkin of taking a tent (or bivy/tarp) as a backup for the hammock on your thru-hike? I got an idea. Find a online store that carries the "Texsport Willowbend 2 person tent". Dirt cheap = less than $20. Light weight = scrap the included poles and use your your hiking poles and it will weigh-in right around 2 lbs. Seam seal the heck outta it and you'll have plenty of room for you and your gear. Wouldn't want to trust it for a whole trip but as a back-up I think it would be fine. There is lighter options but not for the price.

Also have an idea for the Nomad stove you made. Were you thinkin of taking the alcohol stove you bought too? (as a back up?) If so cut "extra" slots in the sides and back of the Nomad stove so the base plate is higher. You want it so you can set your alcohol stove on the base plate and it will be about an inch below the top. Now you can scrap out the "X" pot stand that came with your stove and use the Nomad as a pot stand/windscreen for your alcohol stove. Put the base plate where it was originally intended to use as a wood burner.

P.S. I left out the top notches on the back of the Nomad I made so it works better as a windscreen, just face the back into the wind.


12-04-2005, 04:28
Thanks again for the great tips! I have taken time to learn how to set up my hammock on the ground using my hiking poles, so I will not be bringing a ground shelter (Thanks to SGT Rock for that tip).

Bringing the alcohol stove is a good idea, and will make the extra slots to raise the bottom plate for the proper hight for the smaller stove. I did make the small front optional plate for added wind resistance, and should work great for the alcohol stove. The only question now would be is how much fuel would be considered good for back up? I am guessing 6-8 oz of denatured alcohol seems good, light enough, but also enough for a few meals if needed.

Thanks again for the help Chris, I really apprecieate it,

12-04-2005, 17:22
figure half an ounce per meal... i think that's what many alcohol stoves use. rock's the guru and can probably tell you to the nearest cc... if you happen to buy one of those really small bottles of water, i think they're 8oz size, and use it to hold your 'backup' fuel, you should have plenty without taking up too much space.