View Full Version : Gregory Z30 or Miwok 34?

10-21-2015, 20:29
I'm looking to purchase a new larger daypack. Being that I can get Gregory on ProDeal, I've been looking at the Z30 and the Miwok 34. I think the Z30 is a discontinued design, and the price is a bit less. I'm wondering what the physical differences between the two are. I've examined the Miwok in person and I do like it, does anyone have any experience with the Z?

10-22-2015, 08:57
2011 ProDeal...

Z series have a hoop frame and trampoline style vented back. I've found both packs (Z30 & M22) very comfortable tho usually take the Miwok. For trail maintenance, longer days out with the kids or just heavier loads, the Z30. Volume wise, its not much of a difference.

10-23-2015, 15:21
I have a z40, z55, and baltoro 70. Love the Z design. I bought my baltoro online a year or so ago. It was a med with an unexpected large belt. Used it just fine, but decided I needed a med belt. Contacted Gregory, and they sent me a med...FREE! I tried to buy it from them but they said "Thanks for being a loyal customer." They also threw in a hat and the new daypack they have. Great customer service! Miwok may be just as good, just wanted to share my experience with them.