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10-26-2015, 15:02
I'm trying to get a feel for what others are doing for a sleep system. I'm debating between a EE Revelation 10 or 20 quilt for the whole walk. I have a Neo Air Xtherm Max and a Zpacks Hexamid Solo Plus. I got my shelter used, I'll probably also pick up the Zpacks stuff sack/pillow. I'm planning on an Early July start and hoping to finish before Thanksgiving. A little Ambitious but I think its doable. If anyone knows a good way to get historical averages for temps along the trail I'd greatly appreciate taking a look. Curious to see what you guys are using, NOBOs feel free to join in on the fun.

10-27-2015, 06:37
I can't speak to the beginning, but if you finish by Thanksgiving then you'll be in Virginia by mid September and into TN/NC by mid-October. The coldest part will be the Smokies in early November. If that quilt is really usable at 20F then it's fine around here into late fall, and if you have a down parka and some other clothing it should be fine through the entire hike. I use my 20F rated bag through mid-November before switching to my winter bag for hikes in Virginia and NC/TN. if you end up hiking into December you might wish you had the 10F, ditto if it's a particularly cold fall. :)

I use the Zpacks stuff sack pillow and it's great. I use it as my clothing bag during the day.

Boots and Backpacks
10-29-2015, 15:24
We had EE Enimga 20* from Harper's Ferry to Katahdin. Had 0* before that since we started early. There isn't enough weight difference between the 10* and 20* to much that much of a difference IMO. Also, the EE ratings are generous in a good way. We have 40* and 20* Eminga's, and they're warmer then they state. We've had out 40* quilts out when it was in the low 30's.

10-29-2015, 18:30
You better make sure that your shelter and rain gear are in tip top condition and working properly by the time you hit Damascus, or sooner.
From Ray's Weather Center (http://www.booneweather.com/Forecast/Boone) in Boone, NC:

Two quick data points, one easy analysis, and one summary forecast for the next several months to begin the discussion... At my house (east of Boone): 4.12" of rain in the past two days. Over 22" of rain in the past 2 months. Wet! Continued wet!

A front moved through from the west Thursday. High pressure centered in the Ohio Valley moves slowly east and is in control of our weather through most of Saturday. Temperatures are near seasonal norms. Clouds increase Saturday afternoon.

The next low in South Texas and the Western Gulf (we'll be saying that a lot for the next 5-6 months) moves into the Southeast Monday. Rain will break out far ahead of the low later Saturday night last into Sunday. Then steadier rain arrives Monday. There's no "quick clearing" after this low passes to our southeast, with clouds and spotty light rain or drizzle lasting into Tuesday. Another 1"+ event is expected (not nearly as much as the past two days).

Wednesday, clouds decrease leading to a pleasant day.

Temperatures will be above seasonal averages next week. That trend will continue well into November. Don't put the mowers in storage just yet.

Stay dry. Be safe.


10-29-2015, 20:29
For historic weather info, try Weather Underground at http://www.wunderground.com/

Historic weather info is under the "More" tab.