View Full Version : ~340 miles in Michigan from Croton Dam to Mackinaw City

10-26-2015, 19:29
Finished up a great section of NCT in Lower Michigan! Great for long distance but also weekend hikes. Lower Michigan's NCT has much more than the spectacular MRT Loop and Jordan River Pathway!


10-26-2015, 21:24
Thx Eric. Enjoyed the mix of pics of the NCT in MI especially the flowers, bridges, stream, rivers, and ponds. I'm adding Traveling Light by Joel Hansen to my trail music. Thx for that uplifting song.

Some pics aren't coming up for me though. I wonder if it's me ?

Good chunk hike. Looks like you always had cherry picked nice weather?

10-26-2015, 21:26

10-26-2015, 23:13
Wow! That is cool! I have hiked the NCT/Manistee River Trail Loop a few times, but I thought the trail was too broken up with road walking to really try to do anything extensive. Thank you for such an inspiring video!

10-27-2015, 07:20
Great video. I have done that section in seperate trips also. Actually resupply is quite easy for the long distance hiker, Petoskey, Alba, Kalkaska, Mesick, Bass Lake (slight detour). Road walks are mainly secondary roads little traffic.

10-29-2015, 19:46
I did get some rain, but going both ways gave me the chance to get some nice pictures of the highlights! Overall, the weather was quite nice though! I found the interactive map on the NCTA website to be quite helpful finding trailheads and mileage. https://northcountrytrail.org/trail/maps/. The individual NCTA chapter websites are helpful as well. I have two more backpacking posts to complete(Bowman Lake to Birch Grove Loop and Hodenpyl Dam and Manistee River section), one day-hike, and biking a few of the road walks.