View Full Version : The $6.66 Solar Lantern and $1.00 Solar Task Light

10-27-2015, 13:25
I believe that if you use this lantern in combination with the 75 Lumen Solar Headlamp, and the $1.00 Task Light, you will never need to carry batteries in your pack again.



10-27-2015, 14:10
Mine is made by MPOWERED and looks to be the same inflatable solar lantern. It's a great light that that I find is better used for stationary use. I feel that looking for white blazes at night would be difficult and slow with this light, especially on the low power beam.

10-27-2015, 17:10
I agree. The idea of the lantern is to use it in camp to extend battery life of the headlamp.

10-27-2015, 17:52
I carried a solar powered garden light on the back of my pack from Springer to Damascus. I rated how nice a day it was by how long the light stayed on at night. Some nights it would stay on pretty much all night but most nights it went off in a couple of hours. I abandoned it in Damascus as at that point the leaves had come out on the trees and it wasn't getting enough sun to stay on for even an hour.

Solar powered anything is useless on the AT once the trees leaf out. Out west where your not under tree cover so much solar might be worth while.

10-27-2015, 18:15
We have fairly dense pine forest down here on the Lone Star Trail. I've had no problems using and charging these in that environment. YMMV