View Full Version : US Based Emergency Contact/Buddy Needed for British Backpacker

10-29-2015, 08:43
Hi All,

I'm about to hike from Springer to Hot Springs in a weeks' time and I'd like to have a US based emergency contact if I get into any trouble. Not that I plan or expect to of course, but it'll be easier to get hold of someone US based rather than the folks at home with the time difference to the UK, having to call an international cell etc.

If anyone would like to offer, there's a beer in it for you (either stateside or in the UK!) and it's unlikely that you'll need to do anything at all. I just want the peace of mind that I (or medics, or anyone that finds me) could easily contact anyone if the need arises, and they in turn can update the folks at home etc.

I guess the easiest thing to do is PM me if you'd like to help?

Many thanks in advance,


10-29-2015, 21:06
Take a look at the Interactive Road ID. They have several versions, I have the wrist ID and the shoe ID, the latter which I usually clip onto my pack. The interactive version is nice because you can have many emergency contacts, your medical history & conditions and medical insurances. The data can be edited any time, which for me is nice because we have family up and down the east coast, so I can edit the contact info as needed for the trip.
A few years ago my brother in law was blasted while bicycling by a hit and run driver and left like an animal in the road. Fortunately he was wearing the Fixx ID, which was the only way he was identified.
As a first responder for the last 28 years, I can tell you its probably the best way to go.