View Full Version : ALPS MOUNTAINEERING Lynx 1

10-29-2015, 11:35
any experience with the alps mountaineering lync 1 tent. Saw some good reviews but still gonna ask the group.


Just Tom
10-29-2015, 13:41
Basic one-man crossing pole tent. Heavy for a one-man tent, about 4 pounds if I recall correctly. I know several people that use them. Considering they are about $70, I don't know that you could find one better near that price point.

10-29-2015, 13:41
I used this for my first section hike, 83 miles in southern PA a couple months ago. Very easy to set up and stayed completely dry the one night of rain I had. Weighs about four pounds I think. For $80, it's a good value tent. On the down side, its pretty small and claustrophobic. There is a small vestibule for gear but you can't fit everything inside the tent. It's the one item of gear I intend to upgrade before the next section in the spring.