View Full Version : Granite Gear Crown VC or Osprey Exos 58

11-02-2015, 11:34
Obviously topics that have been addressed before. Somewhat thinking out loud and would appreciate input.

I was carrying the Atmos AG 50. I didn't like how cramped it made the pack with the new suspension system. So I was looking for a little more room and have decided to drop a few lbs while I am at it.

I have it narrowed down to the GG and the Exos 58. I am leaning towards the GG but my concerns would be that I run on the hot side and it wouldn't breathe as well on the back as the Exos would. Exos also offers a bit more in storage options with the removable "brain" etc. Weight wise is close enough that for my needs its a wash.

Anyone ever narrow it down to these 2 before. Which way did you go and are you glad you did. Thanks for the help.

11-02-2015, 11:49
+++ VC, I own 7 packs, this is my go to. . A little less comfortable than the Vapor Trail I replaced it with, but love this pack. Added 2 cuben waist pockets, done.....

11-02-2015, 13:59
Two great choices.

I wouldn't go with either without trying them on. Whichever one feels better, roll with that one. I prefer the simplistic design and layout of the crown vc, I had a blaze for sometime.

Furthermore, I wouldn't pay full retail for either of those packs. Last year EMS in my area had BRAND NEW Crown VC 60's on sale for $120. I almost bought one just cause.

Rex Clifton
11-02-2015, 16:56
The Crown VC for sure.. I've had both packs and the Crown is clearly superior.

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Don H
11-02-2015, 17:06
GG Crown VC for me.