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01-23-2003, 09:09
It seems there is always a lot of discussion about the Whites. Thought these two links might be good for those of you who have never hiked there. The first one is to the White Mt. Server. He has pictures and information on just about every mountain, campsite, hut, leanto, trail and feature in the Whites. Also a very good description of the AT through the Whites.


This is a link to the Mt. Washington weather page. Lots of interesting information and a live webcam from the summit.

For those of you who wonder about why there is so much concern about hiking through the Whites, here's a little snippet of the weather forecasters comments from the summit of Mt. Washington on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday 5:30 AM
What happens when you have a bunch of weather freaks up on the summit with 100+ mph winds? They go outside and run/flop around. It has been an amazing night with the winds topping out at 142 mph. I don't think that I have the courage to face that full on out on the deck. All I can do is peak around the tower and wait for the blast to hit. Have you ever stuck your head out of a moving car?...well this is kind of like that except the car is a NASCAR running the oval.

01-23-2003, 13:01
For another link with FANTASTIC photos of the Whites in different
seasons click on www.chompadventures.com
Great site, poke around there and you'll come up with all KINDS of stuff, his AT Journals, great pixs not only of views in the Whites but many other parts of the AT.

(Just a suggestion but I've found the easiest way to select groups of photos from Chomp's page is to go to ANY link for the photos..then at the bottom of the page click on the backcountry net gallery link..that will bring you to a number of selections from many of his hikes, including many of different sections of the AT. The first three selections will be his photo albums. If you go down to the third selection entitled, Chomps AT there are sub albums to chose if you want.)
Some really great shots!!

Papa Bear
01-23-2003, 17:42
I agree, Chomp has great pictures. I was especially impressed by his Katahgdin pictures from last Fall.

The backcountry Gallery has albums by many, many people (even me) who are mostly AT hikers. Check it out:

Backcountry.net Picture Gallery (http://gallery.backcountry.net/)

And on the subject or Mount Washington pictures, the best site I've found is by a professional photographer, Adam Jones. Truly, truly awesome, especially the winter shots:

Mount Washington Pictures (http://www.mountwashington.com/pictures/)

BTW: The upcoming ATC meeting will be held in the Whites this July. If you're not thru-hiking, come on up. There are camping opportunities and hostels in the area so don't be frightened away by the quoted prices for lodgings. Most days are devoted to hiking. You suthern boys and girls, y'all come on up and see what real mountains look like.

ATC meeting web site (http://www.atc2003.org/)


01-23-2003, 18:00
Thanks for the direct link Papa Bear...

I was trying to link through Chomp Adventures Website and was not able to create a direct link so thank for the link!!!

I would also recommend typing in Papa Bear in the search area once you get to the link and Papa Bears photos will come up on Backcountry also...ANOTHER FAVORITE AREA of mine for AT photos and some SPECTACULAR photos along sections of the AT.


01-24-2003, 08:36
This is another link with GREAT photos..and for those of us who do not have HIGH SPEED CABLE ACCESS...smaller photos that download quickly.

Great info on NH and MORE!!!!http://members.bellatlantic.net/~vze2h6gy/papabear/Home_hiking.html

This site is another one of my favorites!!! :D