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11-10-2015, 07:27
After reading the replies in my recent threads, I'm looking for a few shoe options to consider. I have my choices narrowed down when it comes to trail runners but I would also like to consider a few lightweight mids in breathable designs. The problem is the vast majority of the ones I've found are lined with Goretex or similar WP linings and the majority of feedback I've read not only here but all over the web has pointed to WP lined shoes not breathing well in general. Does anyone have any good experiences/recommendations? BTW I have wide feet.

11-11-2015, 00:21
The lowest common denominator consumer believes the marketing hype. Those of us who know better are stuck with fewer choices.
Why mids? Extra weight. Little or no advantage over low cut shoes. Usually more expensive to.
I've noticed a wider selection of non GTX in approach shoes. Several folks here recently spoke highly of the LaSportiva Ultra Raptors. Something to think about.


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11-17-2015, 18:42
I like the feel of mids. I'm looking for the same thing in a shoe, no goretex, lightweight, but I don't want a "summer" shoe either. I'm not willing to drop $120+ on a souped up tennis shoe, too, like the Keens and Merrels. Plus, they are heavy. So I have tons of criteria lol.

I ordered some New Balance Mids, NB 710but they were narrow and I couldn't find them in a medium.

11-18-2015, 00:31
I started in boots - major blisters!
I moved to mid-boots = major blisters!
After that, I wore hikers = major blisters!
For each of the above, I went to outfitters....bought the shoes they recommended and put 150 or more miles on each to break them in.

Last summer - I went to a running store. The gal spent over an hour with me... checking my gait in addition to trying on a plethora of shoes. I chose a Soloman trail runner (supposedly, no break in period needed).

Two weeks later, I took wore those shoes on the trail with only putting about 30 miles on them for break-in. I hiked 114 miles (Palmerton, PA to NJ/NY state line) in 8 days. OMG - this was the first time I did not have blister issues!!!! I am going to go back soon and see if they have any of that shoe left as I want to buy additional pairs for when my pair wears out (plus, they will be discounted as the "last year's shoe".

11-18-2015, 03:19
Trying to hit your target when I don't know your target because you're not defining YOUR definition of breathable(whatever that is?, it'so DAMN SUBJECTIVE! it's not just you that confounds me by your use of the term BREATHABLE, it's an overused marketing term, although we can get into the "science" of breathabilty as it pertains to hiking shoes) and light wt(whatever that is? although that seems TO ME less subjective) AND I'm not fully understanding IF you want a WP mid or non WP mid is throwing darts blindfolded at a dart board when I don't know where the dart board is. I think you're prioritizing incorrectly and it's heading you down the wrong road. I would ask you consider shoe function and support of YOUR feet and YOUR type of trips AND your HIKING first over breathability AND whether YOU even need a mid in the first place.

I will also caution IF you want a WP mid that the WP membrane DOES NOT DOES NOT in and of itself determine optimal breathability in YOUR real life uses. AND breathability YOU experience is determined far more than the Mid Cut or Low cut. Conditions you employ the shoe play significantly key factors in the breathability of shoe equations.

I'm harsh I know but I would feel remiss if I tried to overly simplify as that can lead in the wrong direction. CONSIDER what each individual defines as a "BOOT" is different! But here are some WP mids to consider as a jumping off pt.











http://www.sierratradingpost.com/teva-surge-event-hiking-boots-waterproof-for-men~p~8160p/ Had this one. It was basically a eVent lined WP light wt trail runner in a mid with more protection than a light wt low cut trail runner but not as much protection than a full leather/Nubuck WP upper boot w/ a heavy shank. When I want a WP mid cut low wt "boot" it is more along this line as an UL LD fast and light hiker and higher daily mileages. ie; Innov Roclite 370 Mid, Innov 286 Mids, Technical Stratus Mid, Teva Surge Mid, Montrail Bajada II Mid, etc

On backcountry Alaska 2-3 wks out with a heavy kit in mostly abrasive mountainous mostly off trail environments I seek more protection in the upper and underfoot in the sole/shank where the wt of the shoe creeps up. I still like the Keen Targhee II Mids. These used to have an eVent liner with a tiny bit different less leather in the upper but a tiny bit more breathabilty than the now WP Keen.Dry membrane. Here's what I'm referring to - What is the balance you want, for what? What do you NEED foremost?

For more protection these in lighter(light?) wt for what they offer.