View Full Version : Badger, Blaze, Gator, Pig Pen... where are you?

12-06-2005, 16:22
I'm looking for Badger, Blaze, Gator and Pig Pen from the 2005 nobo season. We were all at trail days together and had a blast. I quit after Erwin TN and came back a few months later. I'm just wondering whats up with them all.

Badger is probably a nurse back in Wisconsin.
Blaze is probably working at NAPA auto parts.
Gator is probably in school in Chicago.
I have no idea what Pig Pen is doing.

12-06-2005, 19:22
hey brock. i hiked two years ago with a girl named "pig pen" from mass. i believe. she was trying to thru and i think suffered a broken leg in maryland. i was just wondering if this might possibly be the same person. nice as she could be and a fairly strong hiker. if you happen to catch up with her tell her sioux dog said hello. we hiked from noc thru the smokies with another girl named "surefoot"

12-07-2005, 21:44
Send a PM to Whiteblaze member Stabes (trailname Peter Pan); I believe she summitted with or at least ended her thru-hike in the company of Blaze and Badger!

Hope that helps!

Muchas Smoochas,

12-07-2005, 22:12
last I saw Pig Pen he and Gunther and Pig Pen's brother were hiking south from Duncannon to Boiling Springs. One (or both) of them live in the area. This was just after trail days, though...

12-09-2005, 12:50
Thanks for the help, but I think we are talking about some different people.

I know there are at least 2 Pig Pens and the one I was talking about doesn't live near the trail.

Thanks for the tip about Peter Pan, that sounds right. Peter was around us when we were hiking together.