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11-15-2015, 16:49
Is the Osprey Volt 60 too big of a bag for thru hiking the AT? I'm going back and forth on whether I should go with the Volt 60, or with the Osprey Exos 58...I know the 58 is lighter, but have heard the shoulder straps and hip belt are sturdier on the Volt 60, which, to me, seems more likely to hold up better on a thru hike. Any words of wisdom, or recommendations???

11-15-2015, 16:54
I'd take a look at the Atmos if you like the Volt. I wouldn't say either is too big. Just because there is room doesn't mean it needs to be packed to the brim.

11-15-2015, 17:17
The current model Exos is a great light backpack and plenty durable for an AT thru-hike unless you plan on carrying more than 35 lbs on a regular basis. Then, look elsewhere because the beauty of the Exos disappears with heavier loads that it is not intended for. I find the Osprey AG packs carry up to about 35 lbs pretty well, but, although they are built heavier than the Exos, don't carry heavier loads any better. The non-AG Atmos does carry heavy loads better and light loads, not quite as well. I don't know if they still make the Atmos in non-AG.

11-17-2015, 14:16
I wouldn't buy a pack until I had the majority of my gear. In my initial planning stages I had settled on a 65L Aura (womens version of the Atmos) but after I'd acquired my tent, sleep system and cook system, as well as the majority of my clothing, I realized I didn't need that much space. My 50L Aura is more than enough for my needs, and it actually keeps me from packing too much stuff that I don't really need.

Also I'd like to just note that I personally found the Exos more uncomfortable with 20 lbs in it than the Aura loaded with 30. That's due to the ultralight nature of the Exos, because it has less padding and less bells and whistles. This is all personal preference, and you may find it different. I'm skinny and have very little padding myself so the Aura was much more comfortable for me in that regard.

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11-17-2015, 14:35
ULA. (http://www.ula-equipment.com/)
Made in the USA. Ohm 2.0. Circuit.
Definitely assemble your stuff first.


11-17-2015, 14:45
Size of the pack is less important than how comfortably it holds your gear. Is the Volt too big? Not if it rides comfortably and holds your gear without a lot of wasted space. My best advice to you if you have settled on all of the rest of your gear is to take it all down to your local REI or outfitter and stuff it into packs. See how it fits. Wear the pack and walk around the store (or around the block if they'll let you). See how it rides. Unfortunately, all of this won't help you if it takes a full day on the trail to realize that the hipbelt rubs in just the wrong spot. But it's better than nothing. There are many pack choices, some excellent, some good and some not. The best way to find out which is for you is to try them.

For me, I used a GoLite Jam 50 liter pack and it was just right. But I pack ultralight. If you are have bulky or heavier gear the Volt might be just the thing for you. Either way, I certainly wouldn't categorically say it's "too big" to hike the AT. If it fits right and feels good, go for it.