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11-16-2015, 19:04
Anyone have an Osprey Volt 60 pack? Thinking of purchasing one for my upcoming AT hike in April....would like to hear the pros/cons of someone who has used one. Thanks...

11-16-2015, 22:24
There are better choices on the market. A few dollars more. Lighter. USA made.
The cottage industry is where it's at.


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El Gallo
02-14-2016, 00:33
I have one. I love it. Yes you can get one a lbs or more lighter. The pack has the top lid which I like and a sleeping bag compartment. You can at the end of the day unzip the bottom compartment and pull your tent and sleeping bag out without unloading the whole pack. The front of the pack has the stretch mesh which I have added some bungee cords cross wise for more storage for a rain jacket or whatever. I am 5' 10" and I have adjusted the pack to my exact torso length. The hip belt and straps are very comfortable for me at 25-35 lbs. I keep trying to replace it with a UL pack but can't find one that warrants the price.

What I dont like is the side pockets which can be hard to get in and put in your water bottle in. I have learned to do this but it does take a bit of a learning curve. I wish the straps had molle loops so I could attach my survival knife.