View Full Version : How do i hook my Thermarest Z-lite CCF pad on outside of pack with a pack cover

11-18-2015, 15:36
Leaving tomorrow.

How do you suggest hooking the thermarest zlite CCF pad to my pack. I have an Osprey 65. I also have a bright orange pack cover which I want to use as it may shower one day and it is Bear Hunting season so I like the prominent orange.

I already have my tent strapped to bottom strap area and that fits under cover, But the pad is 4 inches wider so it does not seem to fit well.

I have it tied shut with a couple straps. do I bungie those on outside of pack cover and to the frame?

How do you handle your pad if trying to use a pack cover? Lots of option if not using a cover. Maybe there is an great option I am overlooking.

Thank you for your help.

11-18-2015, 15:55
Can you bungee it vertically

11-18-2015, 16:37
Ditch the pack cover...compactor bag has never failed me...use a few strips of orange surveyor tape...

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11-18-2015, 16:52
I have a strap with buckle threaded through the uppermost equipment loops. I used to bungee it. I use the sleeping bag straps on the bottom. I put it vertically, i'm wide enough already. +1 on the compactor bag, I don't use a pack cover. I do have an orange vest that I put on the pack.

11-18-2015, 18:48
Just a thought, strap the pad to the inner suspension of the pack that rest against the back or slide it between the pack and the suspension material. This can be done after the pack cover is placed around the front of the pack. This will decrease airflow and breathability of the Ospry. However, if it is raining, you are not getting much air through your rain gear and to your back anyway. I typically carry the pad under the cinch strap onto of my ULA Ohm and slide the pack cover over the pad/pack without problems. I also once wrapped and strapped the pad around the pack in three sections (two sides and the front) and then placed the cover over the pack as normal. It depends on how large the pack cover is and whether you wish to carry extra strapping material or use what is on the pack. Just some other thoughts to throw against the wall!