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12-10-2015, 10:21
While hunting this past week, I took the trail up from the park [Douglas] to the AT camp, then took the trail from the registry box [there was no notebook in it] then went north on the trail around sunfish pond. Then dropped down to the Rock cores Trail and sat until dark. Man was it beautiful!

There was one gentlemen camping at the site, and another hiking the Douglas. The gentlemen hiking the Douglas was a little off coarse so we got him on track. Pleasantries were exchanged and on we all went.

Things I noticed
1. There was no wind, I have been up there over a hundred times and there was always wind!
2. The trail is in great shape, clear, with a lot of fresh painted blazes. [thanks whoever maintains this section of trail]
3. There is a brand new sign at the Douglas trailhead that has a added rule that says the camping site is for AT thru hikers only and is limited to a one night stay.

I have hiked from Rt. 80 to the campsite, stayed the night, then continued on my way ending up at the Worthington campground many a time while hunting. Am I not allowed to do this? It's kind of like a micro section hike in my mind.

I have also started at Rt. 80 and stayed the night at the campsite, when not hunting and end up on the road that goes over the mountain to Blairstown where I get picked up by my wife. Again its like a micro section hike in my mind.

Just asking, there was no one at the ranger station to ask, maybe there will be someone there this weekend when I leave.

RUNT ''13''

12-15-2015, 00:31
I wasn't even aware you could hunt up there but my pops seems to thinks so. I hiked the Coppermine trail to Rattlesnake swamp this weekend. It was like 70 degrees. Anyhow, someone took a deer up there that morning because I followed clumps of white fur on the trail every 30 feet or so until it intersected that dirt road and the AT.

I didnt see or hear anything up there but a chipmunk and a big old woodpecker. But the silence was a real treasure.

12-15-2015, 09:31
Been hunting there since 1974, also hike, camp, canoe etc. up there, such a awesome tract of land, 70,000 acres in all. It was warm and the woods were very mellow, almost as if the forest was sleeping.

Very peaceful, i needed it after this year.

I saw 2 bear one with a small cub, and a few deer, elected to not fill my tags.

RUNT ''13''

01-05-2016, 21:59
Used to do a lot of shad fishing in the Delaware right near there in sight of the Copper-mine Trail parking lot.

I hiked up the AT from the Rt 80 lot today and only made it 7 miles before I decided to turn around. It was 6 degrees when I started at 8 and much colder with the wind. The pond was starting to freeze pretty well. One the way back I took a left on the Turquoise trail to the back side of the Sunfish Pond fire road and back down the AT towards 80 via Holly Spring Trail to Dunfield Creek.

I saw 1 squirrel, 2 birds, and about a dozen humans.

The woods were so eerily quiet today, like the winter cold had frozen the life out of everything. Or, hunting has been active and all the critters are hiding.

I may do Douglas Trail to Rock Cores area on Sunday. Ive never done that section of trail. The bears were active up there this summer. I almost ran one over on River Rd when he was running down the hill and crossed the road right in front of me to raid the freebies from the camping area. I was told there was a Mother with 5 cubs that was visiting the campground over the summer.

Im always busy looking down at the trail for cool rocks and navigating them so I dont break a leg. They just better not try and steal my granola or there will be problems. Im sure they see me.