View Full Version : Older Gregory Baltoro 70 Hydration Sleeve Question

12-10-2015, 13:58
I have an older Gregory Baltoro 70 (2008 model in Bamboo Green) backpack that I haven't used in some time. A couple of weeks ago I went out on an overnight trek and I couldn't find the hydration sleeve that fits inside the backpack. The strange thing is I find it difficult to believe I lost this and it's quite possible when I purchased the backpack, it never came with one.
I did call Gregory customer support, but they don't seem to offer any type of replacement.
Is it possible to purchase one of these somewhere? I guess I could make something, but would rather just purchase one if available since I would like it to mate up with the buckles inside the pack.
Any and all tips/ideas appreciated. And yes, I currently just place my Camelbak hydration bladder into the pack, but I find that's not optimal for me.