View Full Version : Advice on Suches GA hostels

12-12-2015, 15:45
Wolf pen Gap Country store vs. Hiker Hostel vs.High Valley Resort and why. thanks for any good or bad advice.
see you on the trail

Gambit McCrae
12-12-2015, 15:59
What is your trip distance?

Thru or Section? I did not stay at any hostels in GA, just tented all the way thru except at TOG but I wish I had walked on by.

12-12-2015, 16:29
No experience with other ones, but I highly recommend the Hiker Hostel. Outstanding place, food, and unbeatable price. Hiker Hostel is in Dahlonega.

hiker hostel bunk room..immaculate.


Lone Wolf
12-12-2015, 17:00
hiker hostel.best choice

12-12-2015, 17:49
I took a shower at wolf pen gap country store in may of this year. Not very clean. I would try somewhere else.

Uncle Joe
12-12-2015, 22:34
What about the Mountain Crossing Hostel at Neel's? I'm local, so I've never stayed but curious. Love the store.

The Phoenix
12-14-2015, 13:42
Hiker Hostel is a great place to start a Northbound thru-hike. I really enjoyed their services and thought that it was a great deal, including the pick up at the bus station & drop off at the Falls...

Mountain Crossing Hostel is a cool spot to stop off for a day if and when your body is aching, your gear is iffy, and you are looking for a little Q&A-action. Good folks... I've never bought anything but junk food from the store, but it's good window shopping and great company. I shot the bull with the folks working there for hours... very good company indeed.

12-14-2015, 17:02
Hiker Hostel is the go to place in the area.

Last Call
12-14-2015, 17:41
Not a hostel, but the first shelter on the trail is right behind the visitor center at Amicalola....why not stay there?

12-14-2015, 19:36
I have stayed at Hiker Hostel at Woody Gap, Neel Gap, Enota Mountain Retreat at Unicoi Gap and Top of Georgia at Dick's Creek Gap. Hiker Hostel sets a standard that is hard for the others to equal. The breakfast deal is almost too good to believe. They include sheets and blankets on the bed, as does Enota. Hiker Hostel maintains a home like temperature. Enota had a space heater that did not warm the bunk house above 50 degrees. Neel Gap was warm enough, but had quite a few mice. The building is old, but the selection of food for resupply was far better than any of the others. As a full service outfitter, they have anything you need to augment, or weight reduce your gear. Top of Georgia has a warm bunk house, and was very clean. They provide a set of medical scrubs upon arrival so that you may have your clothing washed and take a shower without having to wear your rain suit. TOG does the laundry for you and has resupply. TOG and HH have very nice kitchens for guests. Neel Gap has a microwave, sink and refrigerator. Enota does not even have a card table in the bunk house. The space heater was missing a wheel, so a portion of a log was used to stabilize it. Enota provide a pickup, took me into Hiawassee and then dropped me off back at the AT. The service was good. They have four waterfalls on the property.

Rain Man
12-15-2015, 09:01
Wolf pen Gap Country store vs. Hiker Hostel vs.High Valley Resort and why. thanks for any good or bad advice.

Of the three, have only stayed at Hiker Hostel, with my wife in one of the private rooms. We'd definitely stay there again.

You didn't ask, but we've also stayed at the Lodge at Amicalola Falls State Park. A great place in its own right, right on the approach trail to Springer Mtn. We'd stay there again, too. Same for the Len Foote Hike Inn, though pricey.

12-16-2015, 00:00
Same for the Len Foote Hike Inn, though pricey.

Amen to that. We were thinking of doing 2 nights during their yearly off-season weekday discounts, but found out they aren't doing that this year. I didn't even pay $200 (after junk fees) for a room at the JW Marriott for our company Christmas Party! Hiker Hostel blows them away as far as accommodations and value.