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John B
12-15-2015, 08:39
I just bought my third Tarptent (currently own a Squall and a Rainbow), so you can tell that I like the product. This one offered the option of buying an liner to make is something of a double walled tent, thus reducing condensation. I didn't buy it. Did I make a mistake?

For those who have a Tarptent and use a liner, does it work well? Pain to install?

I didn't thoroughly explore their website, but of what I did see, there wasn't much of an explanation about how a liner works, what it looks like, etc. Maybe I missed that part, though.

12-15-2015, 12:22
I have not fully tested it yet, but installing the piece was simple.

12-17-2015, 12:09
I bought it but never used it because I didn't want the extra weight. The condinsation does drip down on me. So there are times I wish I had it. It's a very light weight meterial that clips inside the tent at 6 points just below the ceiling and catches the drops. I guess they are supposed to roll off to the sides and ends.

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12-17-2015, 17:27
We've used the double rainbow for several years and I could definitely see a good use for the liner.
Condensation can be a real problem.

Trail Ponderer
12-17-2015, 19:02
I have the previous version of the Tarptent Moment. I ordered the liner about a year afterwards because I wanted the extra protection/insurance if I was in a heavy downpour. There was alot of posts at the time of a misting inside during heavy rains here on Whiteblaze. I have enjoyed the liner. It was easy to install and the liner really brightened up the interior. No problems of condensation dripping on gear. The tent and liner is holding up well after quite a few years.

12-21-2015, 03:14
The liner can be clipped and unclipped pretty fast particularly if you you know how to best use those mitten hooks.
Sometime ago I shot a video clip on how to do it because some commented it is hard to do.
Apart from keeping you from brushing against a potentially wet wall it also helps giving better sun protection if having an afternoon nap.
Can be good for those hikes with several wet days to take down in the morning , pack separately from the wet fly and re-install after having set up the tent the next stop.
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12-21-2015, 18:50
I took my TT Moment (predecessor to the DW) on my thru in 2013. A lot of challenges with misting and rain splashing under the edges and inside the tent. In 2014 I scored a TT Notch on WB with both liners. I gutted my Moment and rigged the partial-solid liner into it (turning it into a DW). I also DWR'd both the outer and the lower half of the liner. Had this combo out all this year and had NO problems with misting or dripping, and the DWR on the bottom half of the liner completely solved the problem of rain splashing into the interior.

12-21-2015, 21:57
The new version of the Moment is a double wall tent but in any case the Double Rainbow is a very different design/shape to the Moment or the Notch.