View Full Version : Gear Review SOBO Mid-June Departure

12-17-2015, 01:49

Yellow star means I own the item, no star means I haven't bought the gear or possibly even decided what to buy yet.

Any comments are appreciated

12-17-2015, 04:44
If you have some experience with the EE Revelation 30deg l/w quilt and intend to sleep in AT lean tos and enclosed in the Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo(adds about 6* warmth when pitched low to the ground) while having the Cocoon silk liner warmth boost and can sleep in the
Patagonia Capilene midweight bottoms, Mountain Hardware Ghost WhispererJacket, Heavyweight wool camp socks, the buff, and possibly the as yet undecided Marmot Rain Jacket you should have enough with that system for a mid June SOBO start without requiring the Marmot Nanowave(M NW) 45* sleeping bag/overbag.

If you do decide on employing the M NW as an overbag in the entire system you MAY find a reg length a tight fit for your size EE Rev quilt. I think it is warmth overkill though throwing the M NW into the mix at the start. The only thing I'd like to see which is rather marginal is a greater R Value for the Klymit V2 or in choice of pad when dropping the M NW out of the sleep system. Would also prefer that you have elected Down Tek for you choice of insulation for your EE Rev IF doing away with the M NW. BTW, I think you have the wt specs for the M NW incorrect. It weighs more? like 28 oz in reg length?

IMO, you have things a bit upside down as the wt of your 45* synthetic bag is more than 9 ozs heavier than your 30* quilt. If you get into sleep system wt comparisons it starts making it hard to justify 9 added ozs for a 15* less warm system when few tangible benefits exist other than the fill.

12-17-2015, 11:40
The Marmot bag (which I don't own) would be used as an extra liner between the silk and the EE quilt. I could also send the quilt back and have it stuffed with more down, bringing it (closer) to 20*. The only question is whether or not Enlightened Equipment can get it done before June.