View Full Version : For you Damascus, VA fans>....

12-10-2005, 00:30
Damascus High School just won the title for th 3rd time in 4 years. They went 14 and zero. Not bad!

Lone Wolf
12-10-2005, 04:50
Title to what? Never heard of Damascus High School. Kids from Damascus attend Holston High School.

12-10-2005, 04:58
Damascus, Maryland


Lone Wolf
12-10-2005, 05:11
That explains it.:D

12-11-2005, 00:13
ok. I saw it here on local tv in DC. I was wrong. hang me. **sniff**

12-12-2005, 01:45
It is probably completly normal for anyone on this site to see Damascus, Erwin, Hot Springs, etc and think AT, even though many states have towns with these names. It just shows your heart is in the right place! :clap