View Full Version : Planning advice for returning hiker

12-29-2015, 17:20
Hi everyone! I'm Steve 43 from virginia, I haven't hiked anything longer than a day hike in almost 20 years! I am in the process of planning 5-7 day hike to reset myself. Looking for any advice for the plan or what i may need to be prepared. My plan as of now is to Start in Harpers Ferry and hike back to Shenandoah County Va area. Plan on doing this in late June early July. Any info would be helpful and thank you in advance.

12-29-2015, 23:48
Hey Steve and welcome to the forums.

First i would suggest what i suggest to most new(er) hikers and that is to go to your local outfitter and get measured for a pack. They should be measuring from your iliac crest and this service should be free. I would suggest not buying any gear there at the current time because there are many cottage companies these days that do things lighter and possibly cheaper.

I would also suggest that you try and keep your big 3 (tent, sleeping system, and backpack) under 10 lbs. (lighter if you can) This will most-likely be your most money spent (or should be) but if you get these three(ish) items quality/correct then you wont have to change your main gear for a great while.

WB is a great place for all sorts of information and i am sure you will be inundated with much more advice. good luck on your plan.