View Full Version : Hiking footwear size 14 triple wide

Gambit McCrae
12-31-2015, 22:26
Anyone know of a hiking shoe, not boot this size?

12-31-2015, 22:29
Ask the girls forum, they might be interested in helping out on this one!

Water Rat
12-31-2015, 22:42
Have you taken a look at Keen? I have a friend who wears 14s, but am not sure about the width. Keens tend to run on the wide side so this might work. It also helps that Keen offers many different styles.

12-31-2015, 23:16
Anyone know of a hiking shoe, not boot this size?

Depending on the brand and model I take a size 13.5 or a 14 in perhaps a reg width in the 14 and a wide always in the 13.5. Here's what I like: Altras, ASICS(Wide), Brooks(Wide), and Hoka Stinson ATR. The HOKA Bondi 4 now comes in a wide toe box although I haven't tried then yet. The Bondi 2 or 3's I had were OK on no technical rather firm underfoot trails. These are all different rides though so my ultimate selections are based on much more than wide toe boxes but that has to be a given from the get go for my squatchlike tootsies on LD hikes and daily runs. I have had some 10+ pr of Keen Targhees low cuts too with their wide toe boxes and have experimented with some other Keen model low cut and mid cut hikers.

Sometimes, I can get away with a 13.5 in reg width or wide width in some brands and low cut trail runner models at the beginning of a cooler LD backpacking trek but then change over to Wides or 1/2 size larger once it starts warming up and/or my feet typically need the extra volume as they naturally splay more as I've hiked more.

01-01-2016, 17:50
At BAss pro shops New balance size 14 EEE $49.95 they come in white black and brown I do not remember the number of the shoe, but it is an all leather shoe. Keens also work but they did not last me 300 miles before the bottoms came off.