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01-01-2016, 19:04
Hey adventurers, I have several different pieces of footwear. I was wondering what do you pick when you go out hiking whether it be long distance or a day hike? Also any pieces of footwear you suggest/don't suggest to buy? I was looking into the La Sportiva Ultra Raptors (http://www.amazon.com/Sportiva-Ultra-Raptor-Running-Yellow/dp/B008I6J8SI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1451689274&sr=8-1&keywords=la+sportiva+raptors) Any experience with this brand? Thanks!

01-01-2016, 19:11
Ben, different footwear for the winter up here in the Northeastern US but I like Altra Lone Peak in the other three seasons. Nice and wide. I suggest you go with what fits your feet best and know your feet grow by a half size on AT and maybe a full size on PCT.
La sportiva is a reputable brand, good luck out there.

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01-02-2016, 08:36
I would suggest researching the many threads on Whiteblaze for this. There are so many variables, footwear is perhaps the most personalized bit of gear that is discussed with each set of feet having a different set of circumstances.

01-02-2016, 10:07
You've really got to try lots of them on to know what brands fit your feet, or at least give a description of your foot shape as much as that can be done with a keyboard otherwise every recommendation you get is a total shot in the dark. For example I have long, narrow feet such that everything from Salomon seems to fit me like a glove. Then again you can find dozens of reviews from others saying that Salomons are bad shoes because they're "too narrow". What pieces of footwear do you already have and how do they fit? That is a starting point for recommendations.

01-02-2016, 12:22
+1 on Salomons for narrow feet.

We have a REI flagship store with an excellent staff in the shoe department. I think it best to find a competent fitter who can direct you to a brand or brands that might suit your needs. A size 12 varies greatly by manufacturer in terms of width, toe box geometry, and actual length.

Once you find a brand that fits, it makes future purchases easy.

01-02-2016, 12:34
I've been blessed with 4E feet so my options are somewhat limited....generally it's a lightweight 6" boot, Danner's as of late.

01-02-2016, 12:40
Okay sweet, thank you all for the suggestions! I appreciate it, have a great year adventuring!

01-04-2016, 12:56
I liked my Brookes Cascadia 9's, but the new models are cheaply made and fall apart. I would say to stay way from Brookes!

Just Bill
01-04-2016, 15:22
Altra, then Altra, and occasionally a Merrell.

01-04-2016, 15:34
The Ultra Raptors are loved by many. The Ultra Raptors are probably hated by an equal number of people. This reinforces the personal fit nature of footwear.
Personally, I can tell you that I prefer leather to mesh with bits of leather here & there. I run away from any footwear that claims to have a waterproof breathable liner.


01-04-2016, 23:36
Tried ultra raptors but ended up returning as were not as comfortable as the wildcats on my wide feet. Toe box seemed tighter. I've had several pair if wildcats...love them but they don't do well in rock as mine barely lasted the JMT.

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Team Pancho
01-08-2016, 18:38
I just converted to Altra Lone Peak 2.5s and love em. Super comfy! For winter I wear Vasque Breezes

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01-08-2016, 23:00
I wear a mix but for winter, because I have a narrow heel as compared to the width of pad of my foot, I need a sizable foot box, especially with heavier socks. Keen works for me but Vasque has also worked for me in summer. Trail runners which are very popular, just don't seem to work well for me but I have 60 year old feet.