View Full Version : Lightning strike at George Washington Memorial June 18, 2015

01-02-2016, 10:48
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Hi fellow AT hikers! I'm hoping someone in this group can help me out. I'm looking for a hiker my sister and I ran into on the trail. On June 18, 2015 we were doing the Maryland section, sobo, and we were on Boonsboro Mountain at the old George Washington memorial when we were struck by lightning (yes, we are the reason those signs are there now ), my sister never lost consciousness but I did and when I woke up everything was chaotic as I was hurt pretty badly, and I really don't remember it at all. My sister said there was a hiker who came up and saw her with me in her arms and he ran down the mountain to get help. I want to thank him and maybe ask a couple of questions about what he saw since I can't remember anything.
Please share in other AT groups, and with friends. I want to thank him for helping save my life that day. And he gave my sister some hope to hang on to, when she wasn't sure I was going to make it or not, she would like to thank him as well! For those curious about the effect of the accident, I attached a picture of myself that was taken two or three days after the accident in the hospital. Thanks for your help in advance!


01-03-2016, 00:41
I am glad you're doing good

love peace and chicken grease