View Full Version : ULA Circuit or the OHM 2.0?

01-02-2016, 23:52
I have been using an osprey volt 60 for the last couple of years but it is showing a lot of wear and was not that comfortable. I am heading out mid march for my AT thru hike and am trying to decide which pack to get. I have tried both of the ULA packs on for comfort and like them both. I feel like I could fit all of my gear in the OHM for the majority of the trail but am concerned about areas with longer distances between resupply like the 100 mile wilderness. Any thoughts? Thanks!

01-03-2016, 09:25
I have also considered both and went with the Ohm 2.0. I find I much prefer the side and front (back?) stretchy pockets along with the side compression. I do feel that the circuit would compress a little easier with the roll top cinching down though. As far as weight carried, I had my ohm 2.0 loaded up to 31 pounds with winter gear this weekend and it carried very well.

Keep in mind the last I heard is ULA does not use the older very stretchy mesh anymore as the supplier had issues.

When in doubt, buy both! lol Green ohm 2.0 for me and purple circuit for the gf!

01-03-2016, 10:12
I have a ULA P2 with roll down cinching. As my gear got more compact over the years, I found that this did not work so well. The pack ended up getting more like a fanny pack, and did not ride as well. I now use the Ohm 2 for most of my hiking and LOVE it. The side compression allows the pack to compress, but remain in the proper shape. I do still use the P2 in winter and when a bear canister is needed. I think the Ohm 2 will work fine for a thru hike in all normal conditions.

01-03-2016, 10:53
I started my thinking with the Circuit in the number one Spot. However, when I finally finalized my gear with proper weight and volumn; I found that the Ohm would probably be a wiser choice. The two are very comparable packs and the capacity is not that much smaller in the Ohm. As mentioned, the back panel "stretchy" material has changed and is more rigid but also doesn't get picks/holes as much and seems more durable; if looking for a longer term/life pack. I have not heard of two many that have purchased the Ohm and then sold it back to get the Circuit; however, that is a possibility. To me the major difference was going from 39oz. down to 29oz. The Circuit is more of a standard suspension and carry bag; while the Ohm starts the move away from that; yet still overs the same adjustment straps. Here is a link to my Box Opening Vid if interested http://youtu.be/A63ol2qU5kY. I love my Ohm 2.0 and have not questioned the purchased.

01-03-2016, 11:10
I have also considered both and went with the Ohm 2.0....

When in doubt, buy both! lol Green ohm 2.0 for me and purple circuit for the gf!
I did precisely this, bought both, loaded identically, wore each back and forth for over an hour, decided ohm was perfect for my max carry weight of 25 pounds. Sent the circuit back with prepaid mailing label the ula guy sent. Perfect! Then bought a second ohm for my wife.

This all being said, the circuit is more popular because of suspension. If you ever want to carry 30 pounds, id opt for the circuit.