View Full Version : Hiking Pants? Needing help finding what I want

01-05-2016, 15:12
I have spent some time lately, checking stores and on-line clothing web sites looking for some new pants to replace what I have used over the years. I have a few specific items I would like to include. Sooooo, if you see what I need, does anyone have any suggestions. Feel free to disagree with my "wants" list...

Long pants!
Light weight/ summer weight
Zip Off
Mesh liner
Built in- web cinch belt
Insect Shied/Bug Off, but I know I can always treat post purchase.

I actually have a pair of ExOfficios that have all but the Bug Off ( how ironic is that). but are in need of replacement. I have looked, but can no longer read the labels, don't know the model, and EO has almost nothing on their website...

What I'm thinking is..., mesh is out, web belts are out, and I may not find what I want.

Please dazzle me with some specialty, unknown but quality, pants that meet my criteria. :sun

01-05-2016, 15:29
Check Duluth Trading Co. They have treated zip-offs and prices are reasonable. Also, check Sierra Trading Post.

Gambit McCrae
01-05-2016, 17:03
PFG has all of those qualities in one of their pants

marc w
01-07-2016, 10:39
Prana Zion zip offs have everything except the liner.

Don H
01-07-2016, 10:44
Northface Paramount, but no liner.

01-07-2016, 11:34
Columbia PFG (Performance Fishing Gear) have been my go to hiking convertible pants for several years. I have tried to attach a link below. I find that the stitching on nylon pants are the major limiting factor with many brands and previously I planned that the stitching would fail long before the material so I would end up re-stitching the seams at some point. The columbia's seem to use a more durable stitching but its still the weak point after a few years of use. They have two colors, I use the light ones as ticks show up better.

The big trade off with Columbia's and many other nylon pants is the lack of a fly. LLBeans sells nylon convertible pants (in season) with a fly but in general it makes for less support and potential chaffing. I use running shorts in the summer so I don't mind the lack of a fly but some may as it means unbuckling your backpack waist belt and partially dropping the shorts to water a tree.

The other thing to note is there is a trade off between an easy to zip zipper on the legs and a comfortable zipper. If they make the zipper and the mating surfaces easy to zip, they are going to tend to be bulky so the trade off with s small zipper is you need to pay attention to zipping the legs on as the zipper can get caught.

I generally don't worry about the big off feature as its wear out long before I wear out the pants. I suggest its just as easy to soak or spray them as the start of a season.

A general note is that many of these types of pants are stocked seasonally and finding them in early to mid winter can be pain. You might get lucky with a closeout but you also may run into an out of stock situation. That's how I found out about Columbias product as one year I had a NZ trip in winter and needed two new pairs and my choices were limited.

http://www.columbia.com/mens-backcast-convertible-pant-1543971.html?cgid=activity-fishing&dwvar_1543971_variationColor=316#prefn1=productCla ss&prefv1=Pants&mid=paidsearch&nid=Search%7CBranded%7CActivities%7CFishing%7CSout h&oid=FishingBrand_Clothing_PFG&did=columbia+pfg&eid=Microsoft%2BBing%2BAds%2BUS&s_kwcid=AL!3937!10!6759950245!26699966046&ef_id=VdHQbAAABC-FS%40Yg%3A20160107151732%3As&start=0