View Full Version : Zpacks 8x10 vs HMG 8x10

01-06-2016, 04:14
Trying to gather some more info beyond what google has entertained me with. I'm in the market for a cuben tarp after playing around with a cheap blue 8x10 from home depot. I've settled on the 8x10 size. Could go smaller, but the weight penalty with cuben isn't enough to justify it. The two tarps I'm really interested in are the HMG and Zpacks. I'd have Zpacks make me it in the heavier cuben. Does anyone here have experience with either? I've read that most people replace the cordage on their HMG's with zpacks guyline. There is a about a $75 difference in the tarps after replacing the guy lines on the HMG. However, the HMG comes straight from the factory with additional tieouts and such.

Can anyone tell me why you personally would go with on or the other. Furthermore, I do plan on using some sort of inner bug net in the future.