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01-07-2016, 16:55
Hey guys.

I am waiting till the last minuet before I post my gear for a outside view analysis. Atlas, it is time!
I know there are a lot of these posted around this time. Forgive me! I just need some pointers in anything in my gear that would be recommended to change.

My Trip:

Early May- July. Damascus-Harper's Ferry. (I could possible go as far as pawlings but probably not.)

Goal: Light-Weight, but not stupid light. I like a little comfort.


Six Moon Pack- 39 oz.

Hammock- (Ducthware. Unfinished as of yet for weight. I still have to add lines, etc. This is just the stuff I bought to play around with in regards to building the hammock)
11 ft- 1.6 Hexon netless hammock.
5 ft Tree Huggers.
Two Continuous Loops
2 Carebiners

Tarp: (Unweighted.)
Zing it Lines
Tad-Pole Tarp.

Sleeping Bag/Pad.
Marmot Half-Mummy. 2.01lb with compression bag.
Cheap Blue Pad. 12 oz.

(I think I may just stuff my bag into my pack and not use the compression bag at all. That will make the sleeping bag less than a 2 lbs.)

Cook System: 18.4oz
Soloist 1.1L Pot.
Little Pocket Rocket Type Stove.
100g Fuel
Titanium Long Handled Spoon.

(I originally was going to go with a alcohol stove but hated the frustration that I was having trying to work it correctly. My PR stove does have a light that I intend to cut off since they are known to fail. Now sure how else to cut down weight here. Maybe replace original bag with no see um netting bag. Or just toss the entire thing in my pack by itself.)

Should I still grab a tin foil wind screen?

Water System: (Unweighted.)
Sawyer Fullsize
2 Smart Water Bottles.
Platy (Dirty Water)
Some kind of Scoop cup. Probably zip lock bag

(​Full size, or Mini?)

Trail Runners (unknown.)
Capri pats- 8.1oz (Wearing)
Hike Shirt- 3.2oz (Wearing)
Rain Jacket- Frog Togs poncho. (unweighted)
Pack-able Puff Jacket- (unweighted)
hike Socks- Merino Wool phd. 1.2oz
Sleep Shirt- 2.2oz (gauze like wicking material. Awesome find at old navy!)
Sleep Pants/Warm Pants/Town pants- 7oz
Sleep Socks/Town- (unweighted.) Simple Rei hike socks.

Underclothes- One pair of course. :D

Tooth Brush/Paste- Tiny cut toothbrush.

Gauze Pad
4 bandaids
3 Alcohol wipes
2 Sinus Relief
Vitamin I (but load)

1 roll of TP with core taken out.
Small bottle of Hand Sanitizer.
Lip Balm
Duct Tape (A few feet. 1-3)
Tiny Bottle of medicated Gold Bond Powder
Travel pack of Baby wipes
Small sway bottle of Deet.

Bic Lighter (2)
(3) spare light battery's
Head Lamp. (76g)
Whistle temp/compos gadget.
Mini-Pack Towel
Bear Rope (paracord?)

(What can I cut? Also, how many feet should the bear rope be?)

Pen/Paper Pad
Credit Card
Phone (iphone)
Iphone Charger and Tiny Wall Plug.
Portable Charger.
AT Guide Book
At Passport.

20l Roll Top Bag for Food.
20l Roll top bag for cloths, etc.
Garage Bag for pack liner
2 Large Zip for Trash

Okay. So yeah. I am still in the process of getting a few things. It's the little things that kick your but in the buying process. Any recomendations on cuts/changes/etc. I can't really do the big items since I already have them.

01-07-2016, 21:45
For the scoop cup, one cheap light solution is to cut a smart water bottle into a scoop.

Good luck. I would suggest you weigh it all now or soon to get an idea of overall weight. For me, it has been the food that is the killer.

No Directions
01-07-2016, 22:08
Overall I like your gear list. A couple of comments if I may.

I'm a restless sleeper and I found a sleeping bag and pad in a hammock to be somewhat of a pain. If it's in your budget maybe consider a top quilt and under quilt. Either way I would definitely use the stuff sack.

I have the Sawyer mini and I think it's slow. I don't have any experience with the full size Sawyer but if it's faster I would go that route.

If you are looking to cut ounces get a couple of titanium toggles in place of the carabiners for your hammock suspension. Not a big deal but ounces add up and they work just as well as biners.

As for the bear bagging rope 50' should be plenty.

Sarcasm the elf
01-07-2016, 22:55
I'd recommend cutting the guidebook apart and only taking the section that you are hiking.

Bring soap.

01-08-2016, 00:55
I prefer longer tree huggers and skip the whoopee slings.

01-08-2016, 07:46
I see no reason this won't work. there are much lighter versions of almost your entire gear list which is nowhere even close to being stupid light. At this point it's all about trade offs. How much would you spend to cut a pound? great example, you sleeping bag, you could probably cut 12 oz. with a 20deg quilt, maybe more if you go 30. But that will set you back a couple hundred. Your pack can be cut in half without trying that hard. But you likely already have your pack and that would be a couple hundred more. same with cook set/stove but you already know that.

you ou could chose to cut pounds but it will be at a cost. I do disagree that it would head into stupid light. You are a LONG way away from that.

01-08-2016, 23:08
Hat? Trowel? Imodium? Or possibly get your Doc to proscribe some meds for Norovirus in advance. Once it starts, it is nasty. If you don't plan on 'going to the ground,' you can consider an underquilt for your hammock.

Enjoy your hike.

01-10-2016, 14:58
Hey guys,

i weighed he'd out what I have, and scavenged to finish the little things. So far my pack comes to 10.30lbs. Not bad.

i am still in the process of working on my tarp, a rain jacket, and yes, a poop scoop.

so there are a few things not factored in yet. So far so good. I am also working on turning my bag into a pod. Liminates the pad unless I decide to lug it with me for extra insulation and for when I have to go to ground.

01-10-2016, 20:18
What about a bug net for the hammock? 5-7 ounces.

01-10-2016, 20:43
Good list. I hiked into Damascus from the north in May a few years ago and had sent back my down sweater and wool hat in Pearisburg. How I regretted doing that! I froze! So I might recommend a down sweater at least for the first two weeks of May going north from Damascus. There is some real cold country in there.
Merino long johns and long top for sleeping or real cold conditions might be a good idea too.

01-10-2016, 22:38
Def get an under quilt if you can afford it. Lighter and oh-so-cozy.

Why would you need bear rope? Won't need it if you stay at shelters. Or do what I do and get an Ursack. Slightly heavier (and $85) but can be tied to a tree trunk. It's a bear-proof soft sack.

A light plastic trowel for poop is all you need.

Be sure to use a trash compactor bag to line your pack and keep everything dry. And can I suggest Platypus for clean water (so convenient to drink from the hose while walking) and the Smart bottles for dirty? You take them to your water source, fill, then squeeze clean into you Platy. I never needed a scoop but have only done GA and NC so far.

Number one for me for weight was food. I packed a lot and learned early on that I wasn't as hungry as I thought I would be. Neither was anyone else (and everyone is trying to keep their weight low) so it's almost impossible to give away. I had to carry it around until I reached my first hiker box. I ended up with, per day: protein bar for breakfast (so I could eat and hike), tuna and tortilla for lunch, 1 pack pop tarts for snacking and 1 dehydrated meal (1.5-2 servings per pouch) for dinner. I suspect if I thru hiked I would get hungrier further down the trail when I managed to burn some body fat, but that wasn't the case in my 9 day, 150 mile hike.

Have a great time! I love the AT and hope you do too.

01-13-2016, 10:19
I don't suggest getting rid of the sleeping pad. I have a therapist, orange one without corners. In my hammock, it stays put on the bottom. On the ground, works normal. Either way I am warm and comfortable.

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