View Full Version : Looking for something I saw once

One Half
01-14-2016, 17:07
I met a thru hiker a few years back on the AT who had some type of water bladder unlike any I have seen. It was thicker and the outside was red IIRC. I think it may have been a 3L. He would put it on top of his pack under the lid for easy access to refill. This was the height of a very dry summer. Anyone know what it was?

Also, anyone else keep their bladder on top of their pack?

If not, how do you deal with refills when it's stuck in your pack?

01-14-2016, 17:34
An MSR Dromedary Bag, possibly? They used to come in red: http://www.moosejaw.com/moosejaw/shop/product_MSR-Dromedary-Bag_10238328_10208_10000001_-1_

I have an inline adapter for my bag so I can fill it with my Sawyer Squeeze from the drink tube.

Maui Rhino
01-14-2016, 18:06
I also refill my bladder inside my pack using the UTA from Source Hydration.


It fits any standard water bottle, hose bib, and many faucets. To use, you disconnect the bite valve using a quick-connect fitting, hook up the UTA in its place, and connect your bottle. Raise it above the pack and give a small squeeze to start the water flow. The same quick-connect fitting can also be used to hook in my Sawyer Squeeze to filter water when refilling as well.