View Full Version : marmot tungsten 1p?

01-17-2016, 21:24
I'm a noob to this but I'm gona start a thru hike this spring.

does anyone have any experience with the marmot tungsten 1p tent?
its a decent price but it cant find any thru hikers reviews on it anywhere

feel free to call commence the noob roast if its a bad idea

thank u

01-18-2016, 10:10
It gets good reviews on REI, but the obvious downside is that its not a lightweight tent - so will probably be panned by some ULers here on WB. It seems like a great value for the money. But, REI has the Marmot EOS 1P on sale now for $184.93 (down from $250), so for less than $5 more than the Tungsten, you drop a pound but keep the Marmot quality. (I have a Marmot Pulsar 1P which I love...)

Other double wall options depending on your budget are the REI Quarterdome 1 at the $200+ range. Some of the lightest 1P doublewalls are the Big Agnes Fly Creek and Copper Spur, but they are $300+. The Fly Creek has a new design coming out this year, so there may be breaks on the older Fly Creek design. But if the weight of the Tungsten was OK, then I'd take a serious look at the EOS to cut a pound off my weight for $5 while its on sale.

01-18-2016, 10:53
Some people will say a hammock is the only way to go. Probably worth thinking about it.

01-18-2016, 18:19
man this is tricky. that EOS looks good but after ground sheet weight it not much different

I see the flycreek ul1 on sale but I wont even b able to sit up in that thing
the bitter spring ul1 on sale too but that might be too advanced for my limited tent experience

its like each item to buy is a game in itself this is tough