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01-20-2016, 09:33
Henry Shires called me last week in response to an email I sent to TarpTent with questions about the Scarp 1 & 2. How many emails get a personal call response from the company owner?
Henry told me at the time that the 2016 Scarp 1 would be up on the website within a week. I looked yesterday and there it is! So, what's new for 2016? A pretty big change to the inner tent. It got bigger! The floor plan resembles the LightHeart Gear Solong 6. The same 32" width and 86" length as before. The "new" feature is the middle of the floor has been widened to 52". The extra width is adjustable (similar to the Moment DW) to provide extra sleeping space or extra vestibule space. Very nice. An actual improvement in the functionality of the tent.

Here it is:




01-20-2016, 09:48
Just one of the many reasons I buy from cottage manufacturers like TarpTent, Zpacks, and others. You can't beat the customer service (and product).

04-22-2016, 18:21
I'm a confirmed hammocker; For 10 years I've used a Hennessey on my AT hikes (Amicalola to Gorham) and plan to continue. But I've been looking for a tent (gasp!) and am wondering if anyone has used the 2016 Scarp1. Why? I'd like to introduce my granddaughters (currently 6 and 3) to camping and backpacking. We would likely go with my son (their uncle). All of us under 5ft. 6in. The weight, ease of setup, and versatility of the Scarp1 appeal to me, and it looks like it could easly be a 2-person tent. And buying from a cottage mfgr definitely appeals to me.

Or can anyone suggest a better tent for our needs?

04-22-2016, 20:57
The idea of the extended floor on the Scarp 1 was on the backburner for a few years and it came about mostly because in the UK there are a few tents, similar to the Scarp 1 in size, that are sold as "doubles"
So rather than having to drop the inner a bit as it was done before (to take two mats) now you can just slide out the floor.