View Full Version : Trekking pole baskets - use or not?

01-22-2016, 14:20
When I thru hiked in 1990, I didn't carry trekking poles...almost no one did. When we needed something to help us cross streams or make our way down a steep section, we found a stick in the woods.

I have "bitten the bullet" and purchased some trekking poles (not the lightest at about 10 oz each, but they were cheap). Watching videos of hikers on the trail, it seems that many people have the baskets attached while hiking. I am wondering about the purpose and usefulness of this. The baskets on my ski poles stop the pole from going too deep into the snow. What do they do for me while hiking? (I guess I can see them being useful in soft ground, but I didn't need poles while walking in mud most of the time)

Thoughts? I figure I can save a bit of weight if I take the baskets off.

01-22-2016, 14:50
The baskets on your trekking poles serve the same purpose as the ski poles. Feel free to lighten the load! :-)

01-22-2016, 15:23