View Full Version : Is anyone familiar with adjusting a Kelty Trekker ext frame pack?

Different Socks
01-22-2016, 23:40
The middle frame bar is rubbing up against my shoulder blades. Should I adjust the bottom bar up or down?

01-23-2016, 01:00

01-23-2016, 01:06
this for the trekker https://www.kelty.com/pdf/packs/trekkerinst99.pdf

01-23-2016, 11:35
If you're unfamiliar with a frame pack, the pack rides higher on your hips that you think it would. They usually aren't clenched tight on the back against the shoulders.

Finally, check that the mesh fabric crossing the side facing your back is taut. If you got it used, it tends to loosen up as the pack gets older.